Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktop

Look smart, Cook smart and clean smart 

Induction cooking—already popular with proficient chefs—is smart choice due to the impressively shortened amount of time required to preheat or cook food on the stovetop.

Potentially more heat, exact temperature control, and economical use of energy are few aspects why induction cooktop is widely accepted. Nonetheless, the surface of an induction cooktop is made of a glass ceramic material that is sensitive to scratches and abrasions. Follow simple guidelines to keep this kitchen appliance looking and functioning at its best.

Daily Cleaning

1.Use a damp sponge to remove any wet cooking spills.
1.In case surface is dirtier, use ceramic cooktop cleaner.
2.Pour white vinegar onto a soft cloth and wipe it to remove hard water spots on the cooktop.
3.Use specific ceramic cooktop cleaning pads and cleaner for areas with light amounts of hardened residue.
4.A ceramic cooktop scrapper or other single-edged razor blade is ideal for thick layers of residue.

In case your cooktop has stainless steel components, use stainless steel cleaner and a non abrasive cloth to clean it.

Avoid the use of caustic or flammable cleaners. Don’t use cleaners that contain bleach or ammonia and any cleaning agent not designed for glass ceramic surfaces.


Get The Best Cooking Range For Your Kitchen

built in hobs

built in hobs

For a long time, the majority of home owners need to make a simple choice while getting built in hobs for their newly
designed kitchen; Gas and Electric. Thanks to new technology and market awareness, ample choices are available
including gas, ceramic, electric, radiant and induction. Available in the multiple finishing and colors, built in hobs
can make your cooking space revolutionary and attractive.

Gas Hobs
Available in a variety of sizes, classic gas hobs are immensely popular cooking range. They give you fast and
controllable heat anywhere and anytime. Come in all kinds of sizes; large, medium and small, gas hobs can come in as
big as 4 or 5 burners with another addition of fish kettles. Considered one of the best options in kitchen appliances
for all kinds of cooking, gas hobs are dependable and serve you the best.

Electric Ceramic Hobs
If you desire for getting a stylish and mind blowing ceramic hob for your kitchen then you can reward yourself with
electric ceramic hobs which usually comes in black and white colors. You would instantly fall in love with the sleep
and smooth appearance as it can help you clean the spillages very smoothly. Just a quick wipe and your cooking range
would be as clean as the new one. Moreover, you can actually choose between a sleek frameless design and a metal trim
to get you an ultra sleek look that would make you feel proud of your possession.

Things to Know Before Choosing a Kitchen Hob

 Kitchen hobs or cooking ranges have become the heartbeat of the modular kitchen accessories today. With the increasing popularity, it is easy to pick a range and enormous choices in kitchen hobs available in the market. Choose the kind of design and functionality that would suit your needs and budget.


Amongst the available kinds of kitchen hobs in India such as gas, electric and induction, it has become really easy to pick that helps you enjoy your cooking time. People who love to try the electric appliance in their kitchen can get a fully-functional induction cooktop.

 Consider the Quality:

It is always advisable to buy only best kitchen appliances that you can afford. For instance, an economical gas hob with filmy enameled support can give you a fancy appearance, but fails to serve your purpose. So, always bet on durability and long-lasting quality of your cooktop.

 Size of the Hob:

It is always suggested to purchase the hob that gels with the provided area of your kitchen. Choose an appliance that would easily handle your needs such as fish kettle, bumers etc.

 Flame Guard:

It is recommended to choose a gas stoImageve with the flame guards that automatically switch the gas off when the flame gets blown out.

 Consider the Style:

Available in different colors and styling, you can actually choose to get intricate designs in your kitchen hobs. Opt for a range of wide versions, multi-fuels etc. to make your cooking time easier and enjoyable at the  same time.

Kitchen Hoods For Your Kitchen

Do you love cooking? How often you march inside your kitchen and cook some of your favorite dishes? Usually while cooking, your kitchen gets engulfed with heavy cooking smells or the smell persists for hours. In such cases, you will require high quality kitchen hoods to make your cooking place smoke free. Only opening the kitchen windows or switching on the exhaust fan is not enough every time, you need a faster solution that helps in quick smell evaporation. So, get yourself the best kitchen chimney to keep your kitchen smell free and sticky. Importantly, if you do not use the right equipment, the walls of your kitchen might smell sticky and appear bad too.

Get the Right Equipment

Kitchen Chimney

                                              Kitchen Chimney

Cooking creates smokes and thus, your room can be polluted. It will further cause dirt, grease and moisture inside your kitchen and make it dirty and unwanted place to be in. If not cleaned properly, the dust can reach into the extreme corners of the room and make it a really unhygienic place. To find the best kitchen chimney, you can go online and find a range of service providers dealing into quality kitchen hoods. Type in with the right keywords and you will get a list of service providers who deal in hoods for your kitchen. Contact them to gather most authentic information to make an informed choice.


Buy a Range of Kitchen Hoods

Finding the right kitchen hoods for cooking place seems a baffling task but, considering an array of choices available in the market, finding your kind of kitchen hoods seems not so hard endeavor. For revolutionizing the overall look of your kitchen, you can consider hoods that fit into the present setting of your kitchen or think about getting a renovation for your kitchen itself. Many people make the mistake of choosing kitchen appliances by their looks which may prove a little costly affair. It is always important to buy a hood after ensuring its quality and serviceability.

Internet is evolving:

kitchen hoods

                                Kitchen hoods

Go online if you are seriously on a lookout for finding the right kitchen appliances for your home. Indeed, the web world is evolving every minute, offering you a plethora of information, choice, price range and quality of the product. In fact, you can find volumes of information related to your desired kitchen hoods and how easily you can implement them in order to get the right feel.

The Internet helps you get a complete list of merchants’ websites who are selling kitchen hoods of high quality in your neighborhood. Enquire about the product, know its usability and then make your decision.

Always remember, buying a hood is not about beautifying your kitchen but, it is about moving onto the next step of convenience and usability in today’s fast-paced life.

Distinctive kitchen hoods and cooking range

Do you know split chimney range of kitchen hoods was first introduced in India by Elica? The distinctive feature about this chimney is its external motor technology. Yes, chimneys emit noise, which only vexes the hearers. Elica’s innovative split chimney kitchen hoods facilitate silent cooking, as the motor is placed outside the house. No noise of the motor and rotor! You can only feel the air moment. Maintenance is equally reduced. Get rid of the unwanted grease, moisture, noise, and odors and turn your kitchenette into a lively place. Let ideas evolve here, let your loved ones get entertained, and let dining turn into a memorable experience each day! Silent  kitchen hoods  can make it happen!

Enter the terrain of  cooking range  by Elica and you will be enchanted and inspired by the range. Yes, you can take your cooking experience to the next level and your desire for preparing newer delicacies will take newer shape! Elica’s cooking range exhibits a blend of sheer style, capabilities and functionality. Each appliance comes with myriad features. Whether it is the perfect grilling, or faster cooking, or easy viewing, and more, the range facilitates all.

kitchen hoods

                                      kitchen hoods

                             Your cooking range can be one of your kitchen’s decorative focal points and architectural showpiece with form and function. Give a cohesive look to your cookhouse with the right kitchen hoods, cooking range, and other .

Add a touch of glamour to your kitchens

kitchen hoodNo good kitchen is complete without great kitchen appliances. Not only do they transform the décor of your kitchen, giving it a sleek and sophisticated look, but gives you the power to dish up masterchef type of dishes while allowing you work in comfort and ease.

Kitchen appliances for cooking are many and varied, but what’s more important are appliances that are indispensible such as a really effective kitchen hood. Kitchen hoods are a relatively new concept to Indian kitchens, but have become something Indian housewives just cannot do without. 

Indian cooking methods require a kitchen hood with powerful suction to remove smoke, odors, heat, and grease and fumes. This is because unlike western and far eastern cooking, Indian cooking uses high amounts of oil and the masalas and chili give out pungent fumes. Some of the more advanced models of kitchen hoods are available with split technology, providing an effective and quiet performance.

Kitchen hoods are available in bright finishes, with stainless steel and tempered glass that add glamour to kitchens. Some brands have also introduced certain innovative finishes such as an all white hood and have advanced feather touch controls.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But ask a passionate cook, and they would any day pick a gorgeous looking kitchen appliance.  

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