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Go Chic with Stainless Steel Kitchen Hoods

kitchen hoodsHoods are very important and a must-have for every kitchen today! It’s something which makes a kitchen look classy and unique apart from the functional use of it. They usually don’t take up a lot of space and fits well in the modular kitchens of today, giving you perfect and the most practical utilization of area and space.

Typically, these kitchen hoods are used for evacuating the smoke from the kitchen; these are generally the type 1 hoods. But apart from its design, it’s important that you choose the right material. Stainless steel kitchen hoods are some of the most loved ones because their finished look is modern, clean and suave. Hoods in stainless steel are known for the minimalism and simplicity.

Hoods in stainless steel would offer your kitchen a chic and a subtle look, especially if you pair it with some other elements, resonant of this style. Mostly people opt for stainless hoods because they last quite long, for steel is a very sturdy material. Also, it’s easier to clean anything made out of stainless steel, which means you save time and effort. If you are fond of frying food often, then make sure that you set the hood to your kitchen’s highest setting. With this you can be rest assured that all the nasty odours will stay out of your kitchen and you can cook carefree.

Add style to your kitchen with modern hoods and enjoy cooking in a smoke-free and a healthy ambiance. Go, get your modular kitchen the best hood today!


Do Away with Scrubbing – Use a Dishwasher

DishwasherScrubbing dishes post your meal can be a   real pain! Gone are those days when you had to spend hours doing dishes, wasting your energy and precious time. With the advancement in technology, we now have dishwashers in the market to do the job for you – these have simplified our lives. So how should you go about choosing the right dishwasher for your house? Let’s have a look.

You can pick a dishwasher with a certain capacity, depending upon what your family size is, plus the number of utensils you use. It also depends a lot on your eating habit – like if you like to eat in those huge plates, which means that the washer will need more storage space for those plates compared to the regular sized dinner plates. Dishwashers for now can take a load of around 116 different utensils. The one’s with the minimum capacity offer a setting of around 4-plates while the high end ones have a setting for about 12 – 14 plates. Dishwashers in India are slowly taking over the kitchen from the maids as not only do they save time and energy, but they also save a lot of water compared to washing dishes by hands. You can see a couple of brands online, and compare their prices, features and other details before you narrow down to a few choices of your own. Dishwashers can cost one anywhere between 11,000 and 45,000 INR.

Get yourself a dishwasher today and bring about a change in your cleaning duties, for the better!

Compare Chimneys and Ovens before Making a Purchase

Built in-ovens and chimneys have become an integral part of every modular kitchen today. They not only make our job easier but also help save a lot of time and maintain hygiene in the kitchen. With the most modern technology integrated in most of the kitchen appliances, it might get difficult to choose from such a huge range of available options. Internet is a great platform for searching and comparing products before your actual purchase and you can do this by sitting in the comfort of your home. The built in ovens blend in perfectly with the cabinets or the walls, saving you a lot of space, these  fit in seamlessly into any kitchen.

After seeing the comparisons between various products and reading about the different reviews – about the chimneys and ovens, a lot of people head out shopping with a new found confidence. When you compare the brand of kitchen chimneys and built-in ovens you plan to buy, you’ll get an idea about the different technical specifications, the use of the product as well as the price range. User reviews especially say a lot about the brand and the product. When we compare the same product offering in 2 or more brands, then it becomes much easier to understand the disadvantages and advantages of the same. This way you also tend to become more aware about the product when purchasing it. Thanks to age of internet marketing and online purchase, you don’t even have to go to a physical store anymore to buy your choice of kitchen chimney.

So the next time you head to buy a kitchen appliance, you now know where to look for it first.

Reasons Why Dishwashers are Better than Hand washing Dishes

Dishwashers have been proven scientifically as one of the best and the most eco-friendly method to wash dishes. While various other appliances like mobile phone or the microwave continue being the topic of a heated debate, the dishwashers on the other hand enjoy complete endorsement of manufacturers, scientists, users, along with environmentalists in its favor as well.

Let’s now have a look at some of the reasons why a dishwasher is better than hand washing:

  • Saves time: You’ll be able to save 3 weeks of washing each year. Additionally, you won’t have to spend time drying or washing, but only unloading and loading the machine.
  • Saves Water: According to a study, it was demonstrated that using dishwashers we can save 15 to 20 liters of water on an average for every load (depending upon the intensity and the weight of the dishes). Whereas hand washing the dishes takes up nearly 103 liters, for exactly the same quantity of dishes.
  • Saves Energy: Hand washing dishes takes up almost 2,5kWh worth of energy for a normal load while using a dishwasher would take up only 1,0kWh of energy to a 2kWh maximum for the same number of dishes.
  • Cleans better: If you set the machine on the right program plus load it correctly as per the instructions, the dish washer gives you a better cleaning with apt water utilization.
  • Is more hygienic: Putting dishes in a washer kills much more germs compared to hand washing them. A dishwasher attacks bacteria at temperatures that you could possibly never endure in the case you washed everything with hands.