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Make Your Life Easy With a Dishwasher

With the most modern technology being integrated into gadgets today, our lives have become so much easier that what it was a few decades back.  When we talk about our homes, various kitchen appliances have been introduced by major players, thus making our jobs in the kitchen much simpler. Cooking and cleaning have now simplified with the help of latest designs and innovations incorporated in machines and appliances. Dishwasher is one amongst the many great inventions, which has simplified  rinsing and cleaning of dirty dishes. You simply need to load the dishes into the dishwasher, add a little detergent, then set the right washing cycle and you’re good to go. A timer regulates each cycle’s length.  There’s a sensor which detects the air and water ¬temperature, and prevents the machine from overheating and/or damaging the dishes. There’s another sensor which keeps the water level in check.

Dishwashers use very less water for cleaning dishes (around 6 gallons of water per load). Also it uses less electricity and minimizes your physical effort of washing them by hand. With the usage of hot water, it ensures that the bacteria are destroyed more effectively when compared to cleaning with a kitchen sponge. Limit your choices to models and brands which have an EnergyStar. This is a rating given to an electrical appliance for its energy efficiency. So more the EnergyStars a kitchen appliance has, more is the energy you’ll save.

There are dishwashers of various sizes, brands and functionality available in the market today, available at various price ranges. Look at your budget, decide on your needs and opt for the best one.


Go for a Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen today has changed the interior decor of so many homes. This kitchen is not only stylish but makes cooking easy also. This adds a clean, fresh and a different appearance to ones kitchen. You can design such kitchens in a range of colors like blue, orange, red, gold, green along with some natural shades as well. These kitchens are brilliantly organized and have enough space for storage; because it is made up of various units or modules; thus the name modular kitchen. This kitchen includes cooking range, kitchen appliances, chimneys, cabinets, steel sink, slab work, countertops, etc.

Modular Kitchen

  • Modular kitchens with straight lines are quite in trend
  • These have a lovely combination of furniture and sinks
  • Cabinets in vibrant colors look chic and trendy; have fantastic moldings
  • They come with the latest style of cabinets, hardware, doors etc
  • The front doors as well as the cabinets with glass look classy

If unable to find the right fitting modules for your kitchen, then customizing is the best option to go for. You can let the designer know your requirements and the measurements and get yourself a tailor made kitchen setting. It’s also simple to carry the units in boxes in the case you want to move or shift to a new place, which makes it very convenient. These modern kitchens have changed the whole meaning of being in a kitchen and they add charm to your whole house.

Get your kitchen re-modeled into a chic place, go for a modular kitchen.

Buying the Right Stainless Steel Sinks and Commercial Dishwashers

Stainless steel sinks have become one of the top choices of people all over the world. When choosing one, there are two important things that you must look out for. First, the thickness of the steel or the gauge, and second its sound deadening ability (this determines as to how loud exactly is the noise when you drop something in the sink, for e.g. a silverware). When it comes to gauges, we must keep in mind that the lesser number signifies thicker, thus ensuring a good quality sink. Stainless steel sinks are a little better off than others because they are durable and are mostly scratch resistant and prevent water spotting. You can try to go for a model which has a satin texture style finish. This offers additional protection to the sinks from scratching. You can even get your sink customized to fit perfectly in your kitchen. Overall, these sinks offer various benefits including the resistance to cracking, peeling or chipping.

A commercial dishwasher is what most of the restaurants today have, as it makes cleaning the utensils easier, quicker and in a much hygienic way. There are a few things that you need to consider before purchasing a restaurant dishwasher: low or high temperature settings, calculating about the dishwashing capacity you are looking for and then deciding upon the unit type you want to purchase. Proper ventilation in your dishwashing area, efficiently using your machine and a scale suppressing water filter will help you in minimizing your expensive and maximizing the life span of the commercial dishwasher. A good machine should last anywhere between 5 and 10 years, so invest in one very wisely.

Go Trendy with Stainless Steel Sinks

When we talk about kitchen, we usually tend to ponder about the size and the kind of a kitchen sinks. Stainless steel kitchen sinks have been a popular choice with the people because of its light weight, sturdiness and low cost. These are available in different thicknesses and sizes, and its thickness is measured in gauge. Size 18 and 20 are the most commonly found gauges. The higher is the number of the gauge, the thinner would be the steel used. Generally 18 is the most recommended number.steel sink

Steel sink is easier to maintain and clean and when properly maintained, they retain their sheen for a longer time. In case you want to prevent your sink from any scrapes and scratches, the best thing would be to put a rubber or a plastic mat in the sink. Before you settle for a sink, there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration. De

cide on the size first – ensure that your sink fits into the space created in the kitchen for installation of a sink. Most cabinets in kitchen are a standard 24″ – measured front to back.  The light-gauge steel sinks are more susceptible to scratching and denting. Stainless steel kitchen sink can also be bought in a clean mirrored finish, giving it a shinier look. In the brushed- finish, the latest in trend, scratches are visibly less.

So for a long lasting and a durable product, a stainless steel kitchen sink would be a great choice and worth the money spent!