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Chimney- A must have appliance for your kitchen

Chimney a must haveThe smoke & the heat make it impossible to work in a kitchen, especially in summers. When days are long, and so are the cooking hours. Cooking several dishes each day, often leave the odor trapped in as well. That’s why kitchen chimneys are catching up trend in the modern times.

Amongst the many kitchen appliances, the most essential one is a chimney. It keeps the smell and smoke at bay and makes your kitchen a more healthy and hygienic place to cook, dine and invite your loved ones in. Today the markets have several products ranging in design, technique and color. Like the recent innovation in kitchen chimney is the split chimney. This very helpful kitchen appliance is called so because a part of it, which is the motor, is installed outside the house. Unlike the previous models of chimney that had internal motor.

Having external motor technology chimneys lessen not just the noise in your kitchen but also reduces it s maintenance. And whatever little noise is audible is only the air movement.

The markets are abuzz with many designs, catering to different décor needs. And with more people getting their kitchen looks redone to the modular ones, kitchen chimneys play a vital role. These keep the place more clean and tidy. And doesn’t allow the oil fumes to make your kitchen sticky with dust. Its great suction draws out the cooking fumes and odor- right out. Leaving it pleasant for you to stay and experiment cuisines that let you win both the heart and health of your loved ones.


Cooking Range – A Must Have Kitchen Appliance

140668504Life today is all about multitasking then why let kitchen work be any different. That’s why the modern set up of kitchen these days have a variety of kitchen appliances that make working in the kitchen a swift and an easy task. So while you pull out the ingredients of your dish, the basic grinding happens in the grinder. While you heat the oil for your fries- the microwave does the defrosting for you. And with aroma rising from your pan, the chimney ensures there’s no smoke to irritate your eyes and throat. And since you have so much to cook, bake, heat and fry, there’s a compact solution for your kitchen called the cooking range.

This particular kitchen appliance comprises of cooking stoves and oven. The hobs on the top allow multi flame control, which uses electric, natural or LPG gas. While some of these cooking ranges come with ovens and there are others in which it is configured separately.  Also other major difference in various cooking ranges being offered in the market these days are of flat heating surfaces, gas or electric. A lot of these have smooth tempered glass on top of the cooking range, which covers the electric heating element.  Whereas the gas burners use burners under iron gates that help hold pots and pans. Other few things to consider when buying cooking ranges is the capacity, dimensions, number of burners and ignition type.

With this all in one appliance in your kitchen, cooking can be fun and easy affair. So give your culinary skills a kick and get creative.

An Electric Chimney for a Smoke Free Kitchen

For some people, kitchen chimneys are as important as a burner while for a few others, they are just a modern appliance which adds to the appeal of the kitchen. As a matter of fact, chimneys are one of the most important appliances that help in keeping your kitchen smoke free and it does so by sucking all irritating fumes out of the kitchen. It ensures that you cook in a hygienic and a fume free, clean ambiance. Today you have electric chimneys that have taken over the traditional ones.  With switch of a button they suck all the smoke instantly even before it begins to irritate your eyes or lungs.
smoke free kitchen
Nowadays you can easily spot and purchase the best chimney for kitchen online. This means that you not only save yourself the physical trouble of store wandering but also the mental fatigue of comparing & memorizing different brands, models, prices and features. So, you can shop easily and get your favorite kitchen chimney, cooktop or other accessories delivered at your doorstep.

The electric chimneys or modern range hoods, as you know, are largely installed right above the cooktops. That’s the reason these two are often available in a particular design and color combination as well. When buying hobs, most people  prefer cooktops in India that easily synch up with the design and style of an electric chimney, so that the whole set up looks chic and up to date.

So, get your kitchen a well-coordinated décor and match up your cooktop with a trendy looking electric chimney. And cook a dose of health in style and hygiene.

Kitchen Hoods – Keeping Kitchen Odor Free

The introduction of kitchen appliances has made lives easier. They are like our 85637324extra pair of hands in the kitchen, helping us do our chores faster and efficiently. While certain kitchen appliances such as mixers, coffee makers, blenders, grinders, toasters, ovens, sandwich makers, electric cookers, hobs, etc. save us a lot of time. On the other hand appliances like kitchen hoods and chimneys, make our kitchen environment healthy to work in.

Kitchen hoods are one of those important appliances, as they help in keeping the kitchen odor and fume free. The new models which are out there today are extremely useful and attractive, which not only serve the actual purpose of sucking the fumes out, but also make your kitchen look beautiful.

You can now get island style kitchen hoods and also those that fit in under-cabinet type cooktop area as well.  The latter ones are ideal for a small kitchen because they don’t take up a lot of space. They also look attractive and chic. You can pick the plastic, glass, steel or wooden cabinets, as per your choice. Other varieties of hoods such as the liner insert, pro style and wall mounted types can also be purchased.

The curve-shaped type island hoods will be great as a décor too. You can pick between copper, stainless steel, brass metal and painted kitchen hoods.

Thus you can now maintain a hygienic kitchen environment. Installing a range hood would be recommended if you have a lot of frying and tempering happening in your kitchen.

Tips on Cleaning a Cooktop

tips on clean._It does not matter the kind of cooktop you use, because you are going to spill something or the other on it while cooking. There are some surfaces which are simpler to clean compared to others, however hobs or cooktops are kitchen appliances that should be kept neat and tidy, for  they are amongst those important visible things in the kitchen. Cooktops come in a lot of variety and you can easily buy cooktops in India at online or locally located stores near you. Cooking in an Indian kitchen generally leads to a lot of smoke causing watery eyes and can irritate the lungs, therefore, go get rid of the unwanted fumes, it will be a good idea to have a chimney or a hood installed as well. You should purchase the best kitchen chimney for yourself and have it fixed at the right area in your cooking space. This is a great appliance which will keep your kitchen smoke free by sucking out all the fumes and unwanted air pollutants. Let’s have a look at how to clean your hob and keep it maintained over a long period of time.

• It’s advised that you wipe or clean your cooktop every time you cook on it, because that way it would not lose its shine and will look as good as new for long. You might still need some occasional cleaning to remove the dirt and grease deposits though, but frequent wiping would make it all easier.
• Use a mild detergent for cleaning purposes and avoid using abrasive items, which can cause enamel scratching. Be really careful of any acidic spills such as vinegar, lemon juice, tomato products and other similar citrus fruits and veggies.
• Glass cooktops are one of the favorites with households today, because of the fact that they are easier to clean and maintain longer compared to other hobs. This makes them durable and worth the money you spend on buying them.
• If you have a gas burner, then these accumulate a lot of spills and burnt grease on them. You might be required to soak up their parts in lukewarm soapy water and if needed, also scrub them with a scrubber. As kitchen hoods and chimneys too soak up all that smoke, thus it too would require occasional cleaning to get rid of fume deposits.

Keeping your cooktop clean regularly would ensure its long life and give you your money’s worth!

The Need for Kitchen Appliances

With so many choices of kitchen appliances to buy today, it could be a little difficult to decide as to what to go for. One of the basic things that you need to consider is the available space in your kitchen. It’s important that you measure the space correctly, especially if you have a small one.
The Need for Kitchen Appliances
There is a huge range of kitchen appliances that one can buy today. Coffee and sandwich makers, toasters, blenders, grinders, choppers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, cooktops, burners, chimneys etc. are just a few of them. Burners and hobs, more specifically the glass cooktops are one of the most loved and used appliances these days. This is where we cook most of our food on top of and the glass cooktops all the more are simpler and easier to clean, thus they last longer.

Appliances that are neutrally designed are generally less expensive. We can categorize appliances into two basic categories broadly – basic appliances and luxury appliances. Burners, toasters, a chimney, refrigerator etc. are some of the most basic and needed appliances in the everyday life. While ovens, dishwashers, coffee makers, sandwich makers, hoods, etc. are some luxury items that make life smoother and simpler. Also before you purchase anything, do ensure that you get the right warranty on your product. If you want to compare the prices and features of various brands and models, then you can always do that online. Ease your life with kitchen appliances by adding a hint of class to your kitchen.

Say Hello to Kitchens with No Fumes & Stains

say hello to._Gone are those days when cooking meant all fumes and heat. The era of those noisy and bulky exhaust fans has too bygone. Today you can purchase some of the most modern and innovative chimneys for your kitchen, which serve their purpose very efficiently. Having a kitchen chimney today is very important, especially in the Indian kitchens where we are used to a lot of tempering, roasting and frying up things. In such a scenario, having a good chimney is always helpful, because it will help getting rid of all the unnecessary smoke and fumes, thus easing your job in the kitchen.

The smart kitchen chimneys come with a range of designer hoods these days. They come integrated with the most intelligent technology, with a strong suction power, which almost makes no noise. We normally cook our food on stoves or cooktops and chimneys normally are placed right above the cooking ranges as that is where you cook your food and that is where the fumes will escape from. Thus the chimney would suck the smoke right in and let it out of your house. Electric coil, induction, gas stoves and electric smooth tops are the most popular types of cooking ranges. A glass cooktop is preferred by a lot of households for the fact that it’s a lot easier to clean and maintain compared to the others. Also the material used in the glass cooktop has relatively low levels of heat conduction, so the surrounding area does not heat up that much. So when buying an ideal chimney or cooktop for your kitchen, consider the ones that let you enjoy doing your kitchen chores minus all the tears, sneezes and stains.