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Add a touch of glamour to your kitchens

kitchen hoodNo good kitchen is complete without great kitchen appliances. Not only do they transform the décor of your kitchen, giving it a sleek and sophisticated look, but gives you the power to dish up masterchef type of dishes while allowing you work in comfort and ease.

Kitchen appliances for cooking are many and varied, but what’s more important are appliances that are indispensible such as a really effective kitchen hood. Kitchen hoods are a relatively new concept to Indian kitchens, but have become something Indian housewives just cannot do without. 

Indian cooking methods require a kitchen hood with powerful suction to remove smoke, odors, heat, and grease and fumes. This is because unlike western and far eastern cooking, Indian cooking uses high amounts of oil and the masalas and chili give out pungent fumes. Some of the more advanced models of kitchen hoods are available with split technology, providing an effective and quiet performance.

Kitchen hoods are available in bright finishes, with stainless steel and tempered glass that add glamour to kitchens. Some brands have also introduced certain innovative finishes such as an all white hood and have advanced feather touch controls.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But ask a passionate cook, and they would any day pick a gorgeous looking kitchen appliance.  


Kitchen hoods – add health to beautiful kitchens

kitchen appliancesModern kitchen appliances have transformed traditional kitchens into sleek, sophisticated, easy to work in spaces, where one could whip up a masterchef recipe with minimal effort. Take for example, the basic stove.  What was once a clucky appliance that one had on the counter and attached to a gas cylinder, is now a sleek hob that is built into the counter, has an auto start mechanism, and maybe even a barbecue or grill attached.


But even if you are not a masterchef aspirant, one kitchen appliances that is certainly a boon to most housewives is the kitchen hood. No longer does one have to suffer from watery eyes and cough from all the smoke and pungent smells that wafts and hangs around in the air in the kitchen.  Not to mention an added woe to asthmatic patients.


The kitchen hood is definitely an advantage to the Indian housewife, to whom no traditional recipe is complete without the chilli thadka. The kitchen hood removes airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, odors, heat, and steam by evacuation of the air and filtration, leaving the air clean and healthy. 


kitchen hoods are available in models and styles that can suit different kitchen styles. And most have in built lights that provide focused lights right into the cooking area.  Some of the more advanced models are available in split technology, which separates and places the noisy motor outside the house, providing a silent yet effective kitchen appliance.


The kitchen hood is not just fancy accessory, but an absolute necessity.