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Make Your Life Easy With a Dishwasher

With the most modern technology being integrated into gadgets today, our lives have become so much easier that what it was a few decades back.  When we talk about our homes, various kitchen appliances have been introduced by major players, thus making our jobs in the kitchen much simpler. Cooking and cleaning have now simplified with the help of latest designs and innovations incorporated in machines and appliances. Dishwasher is one amongst the many great inventions, which has simplified  rinsing and cleaning of dirty dishes. You simply need to load the dishes into the dishwasher, add a little detergent, then set the right washing cycle and you’re good to go. A timer regulates each cycle’s length.  There’s a sensor which detects the air and water ¬temperature, and prevents the machine from overheating and/or damaging the dishes. There’s another sensor which keeps the water level in check.

Dishwashers use very less water for cleaning dishes (around 6 gallons of water per load). Also it uses less electricity and minimizes your physical effort of washing them by hand. With the usage of hot water, it ensures that the bacteria are destroyed more effectively when compared to cleaning with a kitchen sponge. Limit your choices to models and brands which have an EnergyStar. This is a rating given to an electrical appliance for its energy efficiency. So more the EnergyStars a kitchen appliance has, more is the energy you’ll save.

There are dishwashers of various sizes, brands and functionality available in the market today, available at various price ranges. Look at your budget, decide on your needs and opt for the best one.


Reasons Why Dishwashers are Better than Hand washing Dishes

Dishwashers have been proven scientifically as one of the best and the most eco-friendly method to wash dishes. While various other appliances like mobile phone or the microwave continue being the topic of a heated debate, the dishwashers on the other hand enjoy complete endorsement of manufacturers, scientists, users, along with environmentalists in its favor as well.

Let’s now have a look at some of the reasons why a dishwasher is better than hand washing:

  • Saves time: You’ll be able to save 3 weeks of washing each year. Additionally, you won’t have to spend time drying or washing, but only unloading and loading the machine.
  • Saves Water: According to a study, it was demonstrated that using dishwashers we can save 15 to 20 liters of water on an average for every load (depending upon the intensity and the weight of the dishes). Whereas hand washing the dishes takes up nearly 103 liters, for exactly the same quantity of dishes.
  • Saves Energy: Hand washing dishes takes up almost 2,5kWh worth of energy for a normal load while using a dishwasher would take up only 1,0kWh of energy to a 2kWh maximum for the same number of dishes.
  • Cleans better: If you set the machine on the right program plus load it correctly as per the instructions, the dish washer gives you a better cleaning with apt water utilization.
  • Is more hygienic: Putting dishes in a washer kills much more germs compared to hand washing them. A dishwasher attacks bacteria at temperatures that you could possibly never endure in the case you washed everything with hands.