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A Hob and a Chimney, the Must haves for Your Kitchen

A chimney is to kitchen, what lungs are to our body. That well explains its importance in a place that is always cooking a fresh delicacy. Chimneys are no new inventions; these have been there since ages. But when compared the traditional ones with the electric kitchen chimneys, efficiency is much better now. The modern kitchen chimneys have better suction  power that throws the fumes out, keeping your cooking area a smoke free zone. Exhaust fans might get rid of the fumes from the kitchen, but they take time and this is where the electric chimneys take over, as the process here is faster. You can either for the designer chimneys or the traditional ones. The advantage of buying the former is that you not only get a hygienic kitchen with cleaner air, but it also adds to the kitchen’s décor, thus making it look all the more trendy.
You would want to buy a chimney if:

• You like cooking in a smoke free ambiance
• If you do a lot of frying and tempering of spices and other things
• If you want to avoid the harsh smoke fumes settling on your kitchen cabinets and ceilings, which makes cleaning all the more difficult.
kitchen chimney and hobsHobs on the other hand are basically cook tops, or burners as you’d call them, over which we cook a lot of our food on a daily basis. A long time back, you only had the choice between an electric coil and gas hobs, but today there’s an array of hobs to choose from. Induction, halogen, etc. are a few other choices. Built in hobs is one of the favorites as they are easier to handle, cook, clean and last long. These generally have an electronic ignition and a flame controller. And with kitchen getting modular, built in hobs just blend in seamlessly in this compact concept of kitchens.

So, to give your kitchen a facelift it is important to get the right hob and chimney.


Go Chic with Stainless Steel Kitchen Hoods

kitchen hoodsHoods are very important and a must-have for every kitchen today! It’s something which makes a kitchen look classy and unique apart from the functional use of it. They usually don’t take up a lot of space and fits well in the modular kitchens of today, giving you perfect and the most practical utilization of area and space.

Typically, these kitchen hoods are used for evacuating the smoke from the kitchen; these are generally the type 1 hoods. But apart from its design, it’s important that you choose the right material. Stainless steel kitchen hoods are some of the most loved ones because their finished look is modern, clean and suave. Hoods in stainless steel are known for the minimalism and simplicity.

Hoods in stainless steel would offer your kitchen a chic and a subtle look, especially if you pair it with some other elements, resonant of this style. Mostly people opt for stainless hoods because they last quite long, for steel is a very sturdy material. Also, it’s easier to clean anything made out of stainless steel, which means you save time and effort. If you are fond of frying food often, then make sure that you set the hood to your kitchen’s highest setting. With this you can be rest assured that all the nasty odours will stay out of your kitchen and you can cook carefree.

Add style to your kitchen with modern hoods and enjoy cooking in a smoke-free and a healthy ambiance. Go, get your modular kitchen the best hood today!