Kitchen hoods – add health to beautiful kitchens

Kitchen hoods – add health to beautiful kitchens

kitchen appliancesModern kitchen appliances have transformed traditional kitchens into sleek, sophisticated, easy to work in spaces, where one could whip up a masterchef recipe with minimal effort. Take for example, the basic stove.  What was once a clucky appliance that one had on the counter and attached to a gas cylinder, is now a sleek hob that is built into the counter, has an auto start mechanism, and maybe even a barbecue or grill attached.


But even if you are not a masterchef aspirant, one kitchen appliances that is certainly a boon to most housewives is the kitchen hood. No longer does one have to suffer from watery eyes and cough from all the smoke and pungent smells that wafts and hangs around in the air in the kitchen.  Not to mention an added woe to asthmatic patients.


The kitchen hood is definitely an advantage to the Indian housewife, to whom no traditional recipe is complete without the chilli thadka. The kitchen hood removes airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, odors, heat, and steam by evacuation of the air and filtration, leaving the air clean and healthy. 


kitchen hoods are available in models and styles that can suit different kitchen styles. And most have in built lights that provide focused lights right into the cooking area.  Some of the more advanced models are available in split technology, which separates and places the noisy motor outside the house, providing a silent yet effective kitchen appliance.


The kitchen hood is not just fancy accessory, but an absolute necessity.


Install a Hood in Your Kitchen & Make it a Healthier Place

Men pouring vegetables in a potAmongst the everyday needed appliances in your kitchen, the one that is quite necessary is a kitchen hood. Available in several styles, types and functionalities, it is these kitchen hoods that keep all the smoke and odour away.

Amongst the many types of kitchen hoods available, you must first check your requirement and kitchen need. Say amongst different kinds of hoods available, there are wall mounted kitchen hoods, split chimneys, integrated and island kitchen hoods. Closely looking at each of them and you’ll get to understand the slight difference in their installation. Another major difference in them is either these are ducted or the recycle types that take care of air circulation. And in case you are amongst those who choose their kitchen appliances basis the material used, then there are hoods that come in combination of steel and glass, or are purely glass, or may be a combination of crystal as well in a few designs. Size, suction power, lamp types, filters and control are other specifications that should be noticed and analysed carefully before buying a kitchen hood.

Many of the kitchen hoods come with different warranties; however, there are brands like Elica that offer lifetime warranty. And not just that if you wish to change your kitchen hood after particular number of years (basis the value back policy), you are entitled to a certain percentage of value benefit on purchase value of your new kitchen hood.

So, to make your kitchen a better place, go get a kitchen hood to maintain healthier air in there.

Chimney- An Appliance for Your Kitchen Health

Chimney- An ApplianceWhat if you stayed in a closed room for all day long that too without an opening, not even a window? Of course it would be suffocating, right? Then why punish yourself in your kitchen, a room that is always expelling heat, smoke and odour. Indeed, one appliance that your kitchen needs for its healthy being is a kitchen chimney.

A kitchen chimney sucks all the heat, smoke and odour out of your kitchen and either recycles it or throws it out. Now what is the treatment you want your kitchen air to be given, depends on your choice of chimney for there are both ductless and chimneys with duct.

Though there are several models available for this kitchen appliances, some of the most popular ones are wall mounted kitchen chimney, integrated, island, hanging and split kitchen chimney. All these models have been designed keeping in mind different kitchen requirements, especially the split chimneys that are specially designed for those who can’t stand the noise the motor makes. So in a split chimney the motor is placed outside the kitchen, which greatly reduces the fan noise; making your kitchen both noise less and odourless place to cook and dine.

Choose a Cooking Range to Create Your Dream Kitchen

dream kitchenSooner or later three-four kitchen appliances that we end up buying are: cooktops, kitchen hoods, microwaves and ovens. Every modern kitchen needs all these for cooking. And that’s why, when people plan a revamp of their kitchen, instead of going for all these appliances in bits and pieces, they prefer investing in a branded cooking range and match up the kitchen hood style with it. So, while getting their modular kitchen done, they go for built in hobs and microwaves, all together complete as a cooking range. And to keep the oil and dirt from sticking around the cabinets, they choose amongst wall mounted, split range, integrated, island kitchen hoods or others.

Especially those who want to do their kitchen slightly different from the usual and have less space for storage or even dining area- go for  a cooking ranges with which they can team up  an islandkitchen hood. With cook top and microwave/ oven all in one unit and a stylish hood over it, the kitchen space really becomes an attractive place to even greet, meet and dine with guests as well. All you require are stylish stools that match your décor and your kitchen slab itself becomes your dining area as well.

The markets have repertoire of these kitchen appliances available in different material and designs. Research well before purchase and understand both your kitchen needs and your styling wish to make your creative room a great place to cook not just food but magic.

A Hood for a Healthy Kitchen Ambience

Your kitchen faces the heat and smoke, while you cook several meals a day. To let this place breathe, a kitchen hood is what it requires the most.

Amongst a plethora of kitchen appliances available today, kitchen hoods too have variety of models such as:

Wall Mounted Kitchen Hoods :  These cling to the wall from one side in your modular kitchen, neatly fitting in-there and throwing away the smoke and odour out.

Split Kitchen Hoods : It comes with external motor technology, with motor being places outside the house, so the noise levels and maintenance is highly reduced.

Integrated Kitchen Hoods : As the name suggests, this design of the appliance fits along with the cabinets. It blends into the kitchen décor seamlessly, doing its job of keeping smoke and grease away- effectively.

Island Kitchen Hoods :
Unlike the traditionally style of fitting in the hobs and chimney by the wall and cabinets, Island Kitchen Hoods go well with the island style kitchen set up. These appliances come in attractive designs, making your kitchen a trendy place to even dine in.

Hanging Kitchen Hoods :
These look more likechandeliers that have ambient lighting and a filtering system built inside the hood, this system is called as eds-3 technology. The charcoal filters are lifelong & can be washed in a dishwasher. Due to high utility value and aesthetics hanging kitchenhoods can be also find place out of kitchen, like the dining tables, breakfast counters etc.

The innovative design of all these kitchen hoods and more, offer you extensive choice to make your pick.

Chimney- A must have appliance for your kitchen

Chimney a must haveThe smoke & the heat make it impossible to work in a kitchen, especially in summers. When days are long, and so are the cooking hours. Cooking several dishes each day, often leave the odor trapped in as well. That’s why kitchen chimneys are catching up trend in the modern times.

Amongst the many kitchen appliances, the most essential one is a chimney. It keeps the smell and smoke at bay and makes your kitchen a more healthy and hygienic place to cook, dine and invite your loved ones in. Today the markets have several products ranging in design, technique and color. Like the recent innovation in kitchen chimney is the split chimney. This very helpful kitchen appliance is called so because a part of it, which is the motor, is installed outside the house. Unlike the previous models of chimney that had internal motor.

Having external motor technology chimneys lessen not just the noise in your kitchen but also reduces it s maintenance. And whatever little noise is audible is only the air movement.

The markets are abuzz with many designs, catering to different décor needs. And with more people getting their kitchen looks redone to the modular ones, kitchen chimneys play a vital role. These keep the place more clean and tidy. And doesn’t allow the oil fumes to make your kitchen sticky with dust. Its great suction draws out the cooking fumes and odor- right out. Leaving it pleasant for you to stay and experiment cuisines that let you win both the heart and health of your loved ones.

Cooking Range – A Must Have Kitchen Appliance

140668504Life today is all about multitasking then why let kitchen work be any different. That’s why the modern set up of kitchen these days have a variety of kitchen appliances that make working in the kitchen a swift and an easy task. So while you pull out the ingredients of your dish, the basic grinding happens in the grinder. While you heat the oil for your fries- the microwave does the defrosting for you. And with aroma rising from your pan, the chimney ensures there’s no smoke to irritate your eyes and throat. And since you have so much to cook, bake, heat and fry, there’s a compact solution for your kitchen called the cooking range.

This particular kitchen appliance comprises of cooking stoves and oven. The hobs on the top allow multi flame control, which uses electric, natural or LPG gas. While some of these cooking ranges come with ovens and there are others in which it is configured separately.  Also other major difference in various cooking ranges being offered in the market these days are of flat heating surfaces, gas or electric. A lot of these have smooth tempered glass on top of the cooking range, which covers the electric heating element.  Whereas the gas burners use burners under iron gates that help hold pots and pans. Other few things to consider when buying cooking ranges is the capacity, dimensions, number of burners and ignition type.

With this all in one appliance in your kitchen, cooking can be fun and easy affair. So give your culinary skills a kick and get creative.

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